Welcome at the cETO online application portal.

Here you can request a cETO approval for your research. You can choose between three tracks:

  1. Full track: full assessment of the ethical aspects of the study (with or without advice on WMO obligation). Usually for OU researchers.  
  2. Fast track: brief assessment of ethical aspects of the study (focus on participant information, informed consent, personal data protection act ) only possible under certain conditions (more information further on)) (usually students master’s thesis, internship)
  3. Amendment: in case of previously by cETO approved applications (only possible under certain conditions (more information further on).


  • It is not allowed to start the study before cETO approval.
  • You have to request a personal account (account application form) or login to your existing account to work in an existing or new track.
  • In case of questions please contact ceto@ou.nl


In January 2023 the OU will switch to a new cETO app. The exact date is still unknown, but you will be informed as soons as possible. As of then, all applications can only be submitted via this new app. The new app will be different than the current portal. If you need more information, please check out the FAQ on the cETO webpage.